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Available functionalities

Dynamic graphics, prices change in real time

Trade Themes Trading portfolios


Connected tools


Smart TV & Apple Watch

Keep an eye on financial news on your Smart TV and download the Swissquote app on your smart watch.


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MacOS screensaver

The major global indices, SMI quotes, principal currencies and latest financial information.




What should I do if I lose my mobile phone?

Log into the Swissquote website and change your password.

I would like to ask a question/make a comment

You can:

use the contact form in the mobile apps
send a message from the website under the Support heading
call Customer Care on 0848 25 88 88

How can I access my ePrivate Banking account?

Swissquote offers an ePrivate Banking app for iOS. This app does not allow you to perform transactions on your account; it simply displays the positions and strategy of the account.

How can I access my personal profile pages?

Simply log in with your bank account or your MySwissquote account to find your personal profile pages.

How do I update a quote?

Every screen has a refresh button or a function whereby you simply pull down the page to refresh the data.

Quotes are updated automatically for logged-in users.

How can I remove a security from a list?

In iOS, simply swipe right (slide your finger from left to right across the cell).
In Android, press on a security for a moment to be able to remove it.
Only your "Favourites" list and your personal profile pages may be changed.

How can I get the trading app?

The trading apps are available on the different online stores for iPhone et iPadAndroid.

Can I save my Level 3 card in the app?

Currently, you are asked for your Level 3 card just once.
Your device is then authorised to access your account, and you can place orders without needing your Level 3 card again.
Swissquote strongly discourages taking a photograph of your Level 3 card.
You will no longer need it to log in to the website, since you can activate the “Mobile Level 3” functionality that means you can validate each login directly on the mobile app.

Mobile Level 3 function

Simple, fast, secure: place your orders at any time by activating this function.

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Any questions?

Our Customer Care Center is available 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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