Simple and affordable digital asset management

two screens robo-advisor platform


Just as the name suggests, our Robo-Advisor is an electronic asset manager that creates a bespoke investment portfolio for you and monitors it around the clock, continually optimising it to maintain your desired risk level.



Simply specify your risk appetite, select your favourite securities or sectors (optional) and let your robo-advisor do the rest. Its advanced algorithms analyse thousands of securities and generate suggestions for your ideal portfolio.



Our Robo-Advisor requires a smaller initial investment than traditional asset management services and is much more cost-effective. It is also fully transparent and gives you complete control on your investments.


Free demo

Open a Robo-Advisory demo account and we will give you a virtual sum that you can use to put the electronic asset manager to the test in realistic conditions.


The multi-asset solution with investments in equities,
ETFs, commodities, cash funds etc. Learn how to build
the ideal portfolio in our free webinar.

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Award-winning technology

Our Robo-Advisor is based on the same algorithms as the Swissquote Quant Fund, which received the Lipper Fund Award for the best performance over three years in 2016. We developed this user-friendly platform to bring its innovative technology within reach of everyone.