N°6 December 2022


5. EDITORIAL by Marc Bürki

8. SCANS Economic survey

16. TRENDS Personality, country

18. ANALYSIS Tempted by small caps

20. CRYPTO CHRONICLES The ECB lashes out against BT

24. MODERNA Interview with Stéphane Bancel, CEO of the American biotech


34. 15 tech companies with bright futures

41. Not all Big Tech companies are alike

48. Interview with Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech

52. INDUSTRY China falters

54. INNOVATION Promising Swiss startups

58. REAL ESTATE Investing in homes sweet homes

62. SWISSQUOTE Holders, start staking!

64. AUTO Test drive: the BMW 230e Xdrive Active Tourer

66. TRAVEL A stroll along the East London canals

72. TRIED AND TESTED Become a professional artist with AI



Aimed primarily at today's investors, the Swissquote Magazine features groundbreaking stories to guide investors toward a successful personal investment strategy.  It gives in-depth insights, fresh ideas and interviews with businessmen and women from Switzerland and abroad. The Swissquote Magazine is published six times a year and is available in kiosks or via subscription.

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With the launch of its own business publication, Swissquote Bank is expanding its offering and branching out into a completely new area.

The Swissquote Magazine, produced every two months, will of course help boost the company's profile and reach out to a whole new audience. It represents an interesting addition to the Swiss media landscape, focusing on the practical needs of its readers, and helping them choose their investments.


The magazine is produced in three languages and covers the whole of Switzerland. It is an ideal complement to the information available on the web, featuring in-depth articles and cutting-edge analysis on every sector of the economy. It covers a broad spectrum of views, including financial experts, leading figures from politics and industry as well as analysts, allowing readers to form a sound opinion prior to making an investment online.

The magazine has four main sections, including interviews with leading players from the economy, expert advice on sectors, products and analysis, a consumer section incorporating lifestyle and leisure and finally a section dedicated to helping Swissquote users make the most of their platform each day.

The Swissquote Magazine is published six times a year and is available in kiosks or via subscription. You may also access our online version for free!


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